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Posted on April 19th, 2010 at 6:32 pm by silvercc and

This weekend I had the pleasure of seeing “Status Quo” perform at Boston College. They have competed in MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew twice, but haven’t made it far enough to actually win. This was the first time I saw a live breakdance performace and it was unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed. They incorporated skits, old school dance, feminine dances, etc. which kept the energy up, audience laughing, and completely entertained. I thought their performace was AMAZING and I find it unfortunate that they can’t be as successful as they should because breakdancing is a dying trend. I couldn’t help but think of this class and share this with you guys. Thanks for reading!

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Link Here | April 23, 2010,

Thanks for sharing silver. I was never a big fan of the show Americas Best Dance Crew but I did catch a couple of episodes and I totally agree. I thought Status quo was an amazing group. They really had rhythm and skills. When they performed it reminded me of the Step up movies. Break dancing is definitely a big part of pop culture and you still see it often in different movies. Glad to hear you enjoyed the show. Sounds like it was fun.

Joe Chillemi

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